The Top 5 NASCAR Drivers of All Time

While there are loads of impressive drivers out there, only a few have the magic to win over dozens of fans. There are also a lot of adrenaline-pumping stories to be told, and drivers who seem to have been born with a natural talent to race and conquer.

Join us as we take a closer look at some of the best drivers in NASCAR history. In this post, we share our interpretation of the who’s who in the world of NASCAR.

1. Richard Petty

Who else could we feature at the number one position than the King himself? Richard ‘The King’ Petty has won the most races and championships in the history of NASCAR. Petty boasts a total of 200 wins and seven championships making him the ultimate driver.

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2. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Also known as ‘the Intimidator’, no driver wanted to be on the track seeing Dale creeping up on him. Earnhardt was a fearless driver who won a staggering 76 races in Sprint Cup competition. Most fans believe that Earnhardt was NASCAR’s biggest start at the time of his untimely death.

3. David Pearson

Next up, we’ve got none other than ‘the Kin’s’ biggest rival. The rivalry between David Pearson and Richard Petty was known as the greatest rivalry in the history of NASCAR. David won a total of 105 races and three championships. Pearson and Petty went bumper-to-bumper in the most of their races.

4. Jimmie Johnson

Known by his amazing climb to the top from being a rookie, Johnson is the only NASCAR driver who pulled off five consecutive championship wins. Add to that the fact that he’s held the title of Driver of the Year five times, clearly Jimmie Johnson deserves a spot on this list.

white cars - The Top 5 NASCAR Drivers of All Time

5. Jeff Gordon

While racing for Hendrick Motorsports Jeff Gordon has won many races. He has even been dubbed the ‘Wonder Boy’ by Dale Earnhardt Sr. and for good reason too. With more than 91 wins and four championship titles, Jeff Gordon is one of NASCAR’s greatest drivers to date.

And that concludes our countdown of the very best drivers in the history of NASCAR. The drivers featured on the list have impressed fans and fellow drivers alike, breaking records and going fast. Which of these drivers do you reckon is the best of the best?

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