Guide: 7 NASCAR Betting Types to Familiarize Yourself With

You are probably thinking that you can only bet on the winning driver when you bet on NASCAR. Think again. While an outright winner bet is very popular, NASCAR betting also offers loads of other fun betting types where you can wager and win.

In this post we take a closer look at the seven most popular betting types in NASCAR that you should be familiar with before starting. Are you ready to be NASCAR betting savvy? Let’s begin.

#1: Win Outright

This is by far the most straightforward and popular betting type in NASCAR. As you can imagine, you’ll place a bet on the winning driver, if your prediction is correct, you will win. The beauty lies of course in the fact that you can bet on more than one driver, increasing your odds a bit.

#2: Podium Finish

Another simple and straightforward type of bet that is perfect for beginner’s, a podium finish bet is placing a bet on a driver you believe will end up in the top three. It holds less risk than betting on the winning driver, and once again you can bet on more than one driver.

white - Guide: 7 NASCAR Betting Types to Familiarize Yourself With

#3: Fastest Qualifier

Also referred to as a pole position bet, this type of bet is placed before a race starts. Here you bet on whoever you believe will take first position on the pole when the race begins after the qualifying round. You can bet on multiple drivers, and make more than even if you win.

#4: Fastest Lap

A fastest lap bet allows you to bet on the driver you believe will have the fastest lap for the entirety of the race. It does not matter when the fastest lap happens, as long as you’ve predicted the driver correctly you win.

#5: Futures

A futures bet is not for beginner’s or the fainthearted. You’ve got to know the sport before attempting it. You make a bet on the outcome of a race or championship in the future. You can for instance bet on who will make the playoffs or who will win the championship altogether.

#6: Prop Bets

Prop bets are usually played for fun and is not based on any specific race-related outcome. Instead, you will be able to bet on the amount of lead changes for example. The availability of these bets depends on the event and the bookmaker.

#7: Driver Matchups

And last but not least we have driver matchups. These are arguably the most entertaining of the bunch and allows you to bet on the driver you believe will rank higher than the other driver selected by the bookmaker. There will also be a wide variety of matchups offered.

And that’s all of them. Are you ready to try any of these bets out? If not, you should have a look at your strategy to be sure you have covered all your bases. Remember, betting, whether on sport or anything else for that matter, is supposed to be fun! Have fun, and good luck!

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