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Guide: 7 NASCAR Betting Types to Familiarize Yourself With

cars in line - Guide: 7 NASCAR Betting Types to Familiarize Yourself With

You are probably thinking that you can only bet on the winning driver when you bet on NASCAR. Think again. While an outright winner bet is very popular, NASCAR betting also offers loads of other fun betting types where you can wager and win.

In this post we take a closer look at the seven most popular betting types in NASCAR that you should be familiar with before starting. Are you ready to be NASCAR betting savvy? Let’s begin.

#1: Win Outright

This is by far the most straightforward and popular betting type in NASCAR. As you can imagine, you’ll place a bet on the winning driver, if your prediction is correct, you will win. The beauty lies of course in the fact that you can bet on more than one driver, increasing your odds a bit.

#2: Podium Finish

Another simple and straightforward type of bet that is perfect for beginner’s, a podium finish bet is placing a bet on a driver you believe will end up in the top three. It holds less risk than betting on the winning driver, and once again you can bet on more than one driver.

white - Guide: 7 NASCAR Betting Types to Familiarize Yourself With

#3: Fastest Qualifier

Also referred to as a pole position bet, this type of bet is placed before a race starts. Here you bet on whoever you believe will take first position on the pole when the race begins after the qualifying round. You can bet on multiple drivers, and make more than even if you win.

#4: Fastest Lap

A fastest lap bet allows you to bet on the driver you believe will have the fastest lap for the entirety of the race. It does not matter when the fastest lap happens, as long as you’ve predicted the driver correctly you win.

#5: Futures

A futures bet is not for beginner’s or the fainthearted. You’ve got to know the sport before attempting it. You make a bet on the outcome of a race or championship in the future. You can for instance bet on who will make the playoffs or who will win the championship altogether.

#6: Prop Bets

Prop bets are usually played for fun and is not based on any specific race-related outcome. Instead, you will be able to bet on the amount of lead changes for example. The availability of these bets depends on the event and the bookmaker.

#7: Driver Matchups

And last but not least we have driver matchups. These are arguably the most entertaining of the bunch and allows you to bet on the driver you believe will rank higher than the other driver selected by the bookmaker. There will also be a wide variety of matchups offered.

And that’s all of them. Are you ready to try any of these bets out? If not, you should have a look at your strategy to be sure you have covered all your bases. Remember, betting, whether on sport or anything else for that matter, is supposed to be fun! Have fun, and good luck!

The 6 Most Riveting NASCAR Betting Sites to Join

back cars - The 6 Most Riveting NASCAR Betting Sites to Join

If you are new to online sports betting, have we got some great news for you! Not only can you now bet on motorsport events and championships but you can also bet on NASCAR! Since this is a fairly new development in the world of online casinos, it is not as readily available on every site.

Not to fear, we have found some great places where you can start betting on motorsport whenever you are in the mood to gamble. Or when you feel lucky, of course. Let’s jump right in.

1. BetOnline

This site is by far one of our favorites. With loads of banking options, great odds and the possibility to bet on NASCAR, what’s not to love? You’ll also be able to benefit from a variety of generous bonuses and rewards when you create your account.

2. Betway

With an outstanding mobile app and a variety of sports to bet on, Betway makes it to number two on our list. The platform is also compatible with most devices and software, making betting a breeze. You will also be able to participate in live betting, a great advantage!

bet - The 6 Most Riveting NASCAR Betting Sites to Join

3. bet365

bet365 has a fantastic welcome bonus offer and a robust customer care platform. Couple that with exhilarating betting opportunities and you’ve got a winning sportsbook. You will also be able to wager on any sport of your liking, bet365 have made sure of that.

4. Spin Palace

With great odds and a wide range of sports to bet on, Spin Palace is one of the best when it comes to sportsbooks. You’ll also benefit from loads of rewarding bonuses and offers while betting on one of the many sports offered at Spin Palace.

5. Bodog

Another great option is creating an account on Bodog. Here you will be able to claim a generous welcome bonus and start wagering on any sport of your liking. With a wide range of banking options and great odds, Bodog is worth looking into for NASCAR betting.

6. 888sport

When it comes to online sportsbooks, 888sport is one of the best. You can access the site and apps from the device you prefer and experience exhilarating sports betting time and again. Not to mention the fantastic bonuses and rewards that awaits.

Are you ready to discover the magic of NASCAR betting? Now you have a bunch of great sportsbooks to pick and choose from. Remember, joining more than one sportsbook is possible and could be a great strategy if you want to keep a handle on the best odds out there. Good luck!

NASCAR Betting 101: How to Refine Your NASCAR Betting Strategy

racetrack - NASCAR Betting 101: How to Refine Your NASCAR Betting Strategy

Thanks to technology, punters can bet on their favorite sports whenever they feel lucky. What’s more, since the online sports betting ban is being lifted in the US, you can now bet on NASCAR. If you have never tried your luck at it, you are in great company.

In this post we take a look at how you can get started and develop a failsafe betting strategy that will up your game when betting on NASCAR.

#1: Bet on More than One Driver

What makes NASCAR betting so exciting is the fact that you are not limited to betting on one of two teams. Instead, you can bet on multiple drivers increasing the odds of winning. Be sure to keep an eye on strong drivers and have your bets staggered between them.

#2: Be in the Know

As with any sports betting, you need to be aware of what’s been going on during the season, and pay particular attention to which legal betting options you have in your state, shown here: Keep your eye on news and take note of any noteworthy wins, losses or changes. This will ultimately help your strategy and ensure you make informed bets.

team - NASCAR Betting 101: How to Refine Your NASCAR Betting Strategy

#3: Keep an Eye on Team Dynamics

Yes, there are individual drivers, but these drivers usually have teammates who take to the track alongside them. You should be aware of each team’s strengths and weaknesses, as this will greatly influence your bets. If a team has one weak teammate, it could influence their performance.

#4: Take Tracks into Account

Keep in mind that every track is not the same, and that not every driver has the same set of driving skills. It is of utmost importance to know how each driver performs on specific tracks and specific type of tracks as this will influence your betting strategy.

racomg - NASCAR Betting 101: How to Refine Your NASCAR Betting Strategy

#5: Championship Implications are Important

This is not the case at the beginning of the season, but as time goes by, you need to be aware of championship implications. This will give you a better idea of how a driver or team might perform during playoffs or closer to the championship.

As you can see, betting on NASCAR is a bit of a science mixed with loads of fun. If you follow some of these great strategies, you should do just fine when you start betting on NASCAR. Remember to keep your cool and have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

The Top 5 NASCAR Drivers of All Time

two drivers - The Top 5 NASCAR Drivers of All Time

While there are loads of impressive drivers out there, only a few have the magic to win over dozens of fans. There are also a lot of adrenaline-pumping stories to be told, and drivers who seem to have been born with a natural talent to race and conquer.

Join us as we take a closer look at some of the best drivers in NASCAR history. In this post, we share our interpretation of the who’s who in the world of NASCAR.

1. Richard Petty

Who else could we feature at the number one position than the King himself? Richard ‘The King’ Petty has won the most races and championships in the history of NASCAR. Petty boasts a total of 200 wins and seven championships making him the ultimate driver.

cars - The Top 5 NASCAR Drivers of All Time

2. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Also known as ‘the Intimidator’, no driver wanted to be on the track seeing Dale creeping up on him. Earnhardt was a fearless driver who won a staggering 76 races in Sprint Cup competition. Most fans believe that Earnhardt was NASCAR’s biggest start at the time of his untimely death.

3. David Pearson

Next up, we’ve got none other than ‘the Kin’s’ biggest rival. The rivalry between David Pearson and Richard Petty was known as the greatest rivalry in the history of NASCAR. David won a total of 105 races and three championships. Pearson and Petty went bumper-to-bumper in the most of their races.

4. Jimmie Johnson

Known by his amazing climb to the top from being a rookie, Johnson is the only NASCAR driver who pulled off five consecutive championship wins. Add to that the fact that he’s held the title of Driver of the Year five times, clearly Jimmie Johnson deserves a spot on this list.

white cars - The Top 5 NASCAR Drivers of All Time

5. Jeff Gordon

While racing for Hendrick Motorsports Jeff Gordon has won many races. He has even been dubbed the ‘Wonder Boy’ by Dale Earnhardt Sr. and for good reason too. With more than 91 wins and four championship titles, Jeff Gordon is one of NASCAR’s greatest drivers to date.

And that concludes our countdown of the very best drivers in the history of NASCAR. The drivers featured on the list have impressed fans and fellow drivers alike, breaking records and going fast. Which of these drivers do you reckon is the best of the best?

Most Memorable Marvin Panch Moments in NASCAR

car - Most Memorable Marvin Panch Moments in NASCAR

Join us as we take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the great Marvin Panch NASCAR moments during his career. Sadly, Panch passed away in 2015, but his legend lives on through all the petrol heads and NASCAR enthusiasts out there.

Are you ready to reminisce and look back on some of those memorable moments in NASCAR history? Let’s get started!

Sunday 9th October 1955

Panch was the runner-up in this thrilling race against some of the great drivers of that time. Speedy Thompson came out tops, with Jimmy Massey reaching third and Tim Flock fourth place. Thompson had beat Marvin with only three quarters of a lap.

Sunday 14th July 1957

In this nail-biting race at Memphis-Arkansas Speedway’s 1.5-mile dirt track Panch came out tops. Panch led the final nine laps after opponent Jack Smith had to retire due to engine failure. Bill Amick joined Panch on the podium at second place, with Fireball Roberts taking third place.

Sunday 26th February 1961

In this amazing feat Marvin beat the odds and won first place at the Daytona 500. Panch was almost a lap behind his teammate, Fireball Roberts when Roberts fell out with 13 laps left. Panch clinched the deal with 16 seconds ahead of Joe Weatherley, and Paul Goldsmith came in third place.

Friday 1st May 1964

At the Savannah 200 Lee Roy Yarbrough had his first victory, with Panch coming in at a close second. Jimmy Pardue had been in the lead, until his Burton-Robinson Plymouth’s rear end failed in the 137th lap. Yarbrough won the race with one lap ahead of Panch.

Sunday 22nd May 1966

This marked Panch’s 17th career win, as well as his final race before he retired. Even though teammate Richard Petty took over after Panch exited due to a niggling race injury, Panch was still credited for the win. G.C. Spencer came in second place with Don White in third.

And that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed our rendition of some of the greatest moments in Marvin Panch’s career. Are there any other races that you can recollect that should be featured on our list? Give us a shout and contact our team if you want to share some inputs!